As businesses turn to new ways to market their products and services, our 15-year-old digital marketing agency is offering a specialized Fast Start B2B Digital Marketing program. We are ready to deliver digital transformation of customer acquisition and revenue building.

Your Fast Start B2B Digital Marketing Program: A prepaid $5000 per month arrangement that provides you with the force of a full marketing department at the rate of one full-time marketing manager. The pay-as-you-go-approach means no long-term commitment. Lock in the month with your payment, and we go to work immediately, delivering the digital inbound and outbound program you need to generate interest and leads for your products and services.

Our senior level, experienced virtual marketing department will be dedicated to your B2B organization. Why hire and train when you can lease your needed marketing services?

An investment in your marketing program today will help you grow your revenue tomorrow. Invest in a virtual marketing department and watch your business thrive.

Our offer: 50 hours per month of B2B marketing services at $100/hr.

What’s included?

  • 10 hours of strategy, planning for a full inbound/outbound marketing effort
  • 10 hours of PR/media relations
  • 10 hours of social media posting
  • 10 hours of content creation for this inbound marketing program
  • 10 hours of marketing operations/email marketing

Each month, you’ll receive:

  • A plan to grow your business and develop leads that convert to revenue
  • One press release written and distributed to your target influencers
  • Pitching to trade and business publications and media influencers
  • LinkedIn: 12 posts per month
  • Twitter: 15 posts per month
  • Facebook: Craft a strategy to help hire/train new employees/showcase company culture
  • Content: two blogs or one white paper or one customer success story per month
  • Campaign strategy and implementation for two emails distributed monthly
  • Help building a robust prospect database
  • An email marketing program

Download our one page brochure here: Fast Start Brochure

If you’re ready to secure these services, we are accepting a limited number of new clients right now. Contact Peggy Fenwick at 734.516.6490 or fill out our form to set up a free consultation. NOTE: This offer was valid from 3/2020 through 12/31/21. Contact Peggy to discuss a similar promotion.