Content marketing with case studies turns your best customers into your best spokespersons.

Letting your valued customers speak for your business makes perfect sense because they’ve already heard your sales pitch, watched your demo, asked questions, spoken to references and ultimately chosen your product.

They can also quote the metrics of how your product solved a problem, saved money, streamlined a process, provided data, saved labor, moved decision-making along, achieved a good ROI, simplified complex methods, etc. They have already answered the question, “Why should I use your product?”

Our suggestion? Let your customers tell their stories. Their endorsement is gold. And because that endorsement comes from a third party, it carries significant weight.

When making a major investment in a product or solution, world-class enterprises do extensive research on it. They consult industry analysts, they check what their competitors are using, they network and talk to others in the industry to find out the buzz on the product. Case studies complete the picture with an unbiased appraisal of your product.

Are you using case studies? Do you have a favorite story of a customer case study that became one of your best sales tools?