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Entrepreneur recently shared an article with a topic that really resonated with me: Strong company story telling skills are what makes successful companies (and leaders) stand out.

Never is this more true than in public relations and marketing.

From blog posts and award nominations to case studies, telling a good company story is what drives the success of each, giving companies greater dimension and a chance to better connect with customers – and providing an edge over their one-dimensional competitors.

I have always been especially fond of narrative; as I child, I dreamed of becoming a fiction author, so I carried a pen and notebook with me everywhere I went – anything and everything sparked a story idea for me, from the lyrics of a song playing on the radio to a random object discovered while running errands with my parents. (And of course, I can’t help but grin that I married into a family with a last name like Storey.)

But over the course of my career, I’ve learned that sharing a good story can expand far beyond fiction – and that great stories truly can be found anywhere.

Many businesses don’t believe that their companies or solutions have much more to say past the “About Us” page; the company was founded, the industry they serve has benefited from their product, end of story. Right?

Wrong. That’s like starting – and ending – a novel at Chapter One…and your company has so much more to say.

What about that customer who was finally able to concentrate on proactive business outreach after your software streamlined the activities that stole so much of their work time? Or the “a ha” moment when your founder realized a niche that your company would serve? Or the product that saved your customer so much money that they were able to reinvest it elsewhere in their business?

Now those are the kinds of stories that get companies noticed.

A compelling company story is what draws readers in, and turns a not-so-sexy B2B company into a hero who can solve their customers’ biggest problems. It’s what makes a company memorable, and its solutions and products irresistible to customers, clients and investors alike.

A strong storyline is the difference between the “About Us” page and, “We have to get in touch with these guys.”

And when you have a team who loves to tell your company story – and find creative ways to tell it – it can be your secret weapon to supercharge your business.

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