We get an enormous amount of emails on a daily basis and we ignore the majority of them. The email subject line is the first and maybe the last impression you will leave with potential prospects. Less is more when it comes to email subject lines.

Believe it or not, one word in an email subject line can make or break your marketing campaign. According to research from Direct Marketing News, 6-10 words in an email subject line produced the highest open rate, while 11-15 words yielded the lowest open rates!

So often we want to tell more than we need to in the subject line and end up hindering our open rates.

In many ways, your email subject line is even more important than the content of your email, since opening the email is the very first step on the email marketing journey. You may have a terrific message but it’s worthless if it never sees the light of day.

Using the Right Words

Not only should you stay between 6-10 words but it’s also imperative to test the words you use in your subject lines. Just a little tweak can make a huge difference in your open rate. Should it be funny, frightening, a question, a statement? These are all strategies to test to know what works best for your target audience.

How Important is Email Marketing?

While the list of methods available for generating leads continues to grow, one main foundation of any campaign is a strong email marketing strategy. Some say email marketing is a thing of the past, but numbers don’t lie:, “68 percent believe email is core to their businesses.” The question then becomes, who’s going to do it? Almost 50 percent of companies outsource all or part of their email campaigns. This may be due to the myriad and ever-changing laws, best practices, and guidelines that inform and increase campaign optimization.

The moral of the story is to keep up on best practices when it comes to business development, so test, test, test so you can obtain optimal results for your marketing efforts.


How does your team create innovative emails with productive subject lines?