Client Work

The year 2020 marks our 15th year in business. With extensive experience in a variety of industries, Markit Strategies & PR can handle all aspects of your digital marketing needs. We’ve stayed laser focused on servicing the business-to-business community. Our life long heritage in Metro Detroit means we have deep roots in automotive manufacturing. We know this industry and the supporting software technologies very well. Over the years, particularly during the 2008-10 recession, we’ve jumped into new industries as a necessity for our clients. We now better understand the markets for food processing, medical device manufacturing, and electronics / CPG industries too. We’ve done significant content marketing work for ERP and supporting business software systems. We’ve also done work in the engineering software space, helping PLM technologies with their marketing.

Markit Strategies & PR is known for being one of the top B2B marketing agencies for manufacturing technologies. Below is a partial list of our client and corporate work over years.